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The Center of Orthopedic Reconstruction and Excellence, CORE, to open its doors in Jenks, Okla. (CBS 2) 7/14/15

A new state-of-the-art health center is about to open its doors.“Our hope is that by doing the opposite and turning it on its edge, that we can create a model that will allow rural health care in Oklahoma to survive, over time,” said Jan Winter Clark, CEO Bristow Endeavor Healthcare.

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Bristow Medical Center opens Jenks hospital. (Fox News) 7/14/15


New medical center bringing care and jobs to Jenks. (News on 6) 7/15/15
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New orthopaedic hospital to open in Jenks, bringing hope to Bristow Hospital. (Tulsa World) 7/15/15
The soon-to-be-open Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence, or CORE, will benefit two completely different, but close, geographic areas.
Tulsa-area expansion could help save rural hospital (The Journal Record) 7/9/15

Bristow Medical Center pins its survival on expansion into the Tulsa area. Its parent, Bristow Endeavor Health Care LLC, hopes to complete licensing next week for its newly built $45 million Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence, or CORE, hospital at the northeastern corner of U.S. Highway 75 and Main Street in Jenks.

CORE hiring 130 in Jenks for July opening (Newson6) 6/17/15

Officials with the Bristow Medical Center say its new Jenks Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence brings 130 jobs in the community.

New 25-bed hospital to open in Jenks next month (Tulsa World) 6/18/15

The 25-bed facility will focus on spine and orthopedic procedures. Bristow Medical Center is opening an acute care hospital in Jenks next month that will have 25 beds and an emergency room.

Bristow Medical Center Opening Jenks Hospital Next Month (Public Radio of Tulsa) 6/17/15

“I wouldn’t call this a specialty hospital. This is a fully licensed acute-care hospital that does have a primary focus on orthopedics and spine, but it also has ancillary services that it will offer as well,” said Bristow Medical Center CEO Jan Winter Clark.

CORE hiring 130 in Jenks for July opening (JustGoodNews.Biz) 6/18/15

“The decision to invest in a new campus is unique in an industry where rural hospitals are often acquired by a larger metro health system,” said Jan Winter Clark, CEO of Bristow Medical Center and co-owner of CORE.

Bristow Medical Center will open CORE in Jenks (Cushing Citizen) 6/20/15

CORE will raise the bar in Tulsa while also increasing access to top quality doctors from Creek and Payne counties.